This is a list of ships as of the (currently unreleased) 0.5A update. This Page may contain Spoilers!  Non-Player Ships are the Primary facilitators of many events in FTL, as well as being the enemy you will often be fighting- and the same remains true with FTL: Project Coalition.

This incomplete table will be added to as time goes on, as more ships and varieties are added. However, note that there are several different variants of ships which may or may not be shown on this page. for more specific examples, click the link leading to a ship's main article. Ships are organised into tables with ships specific to the same faction being contained in the same table.

For simplicity reasons, only non-vanilla ships will be inside the tables.

Coalition Ships:

Name: Image:
Coalition Frigate Coalition Frigate

Federation Vessels:

Name: Image:
Pheasant-class Frigate
Raptor-class Tactical/Strike Fighter
Fed bomber base
Nighthawk-class Stealth Fighter
Fed stealth fighter

Civilian Vessels

Name: Image
Black Swan-class Freighter/Militia Corvette
Generic thing

Rebel Vessels:

Name: Image:
CLA Fighter
Navy long base
CLA Rigger
Navy rigger base


Navy Bomber
CLA Militia Scout
Reb remnant scout
CLA Militia Engi Scout
Rebel engi scout-0
Rebel Elite Bomber
Elite bomber
Rebel Elite Thunderbird-Class Interceptor
Rebel interceptor elite
Rebel Elite Rigger Corvette
Rebel compact rigger base-0
Rebel Privateer Mantis Scout
Rebel mantis scout base
Rebel Privateer Slug Assault
Jelly truffle rebel base
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