Gregor Wadsworth was a commander who fought in the Federation Civil War on the side of The Federation. Born on July 15th, 2662, He joined the Federation Army in 2677, at age 15. After the outbreak of the Federation Civil War on 31 May 2694, He was deployed to the New Earth sector.

On 15 August 2694, Gregor was informed of an ongoing Rebel-led Siege of New Earth. Subsequently, he gathered any local troops he could find, and launched Operation Peridot in an attempt to relieve the siege. However, Due a translation error, He underestimated the number of involved Rebel troops tenfold. During the offensive, he was surprised to find himself outnumbered and outgunned, and the offensive quickly disintegrated. Gregor attempted to order a retreat, but none of the Federation Ships managed to escape. Gregor died in on 17 August 2694 at age 32, desperately trying to fix the engines as he burned to death.

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