This transparent alien race was nicknamed ghosts. Not actually ethereal, they have many of the same characteristics

Created from space anomalies, the ghost race is not actually undead, but rather nicknamed because of their almost paranormal abilities. Ghosts travel in small clans of 3-9, and rarely take sides with any specific faction. They inhabit the barely functional wrecks of common ships found around their sectors.

Ghosts cost 30 scrap to hire from stores

Special Abilities

+ Does not need oxygen to survive
+ Only 50 Health
Though ghosts are somewhat weak and practically useless as boarders unless you use large groups of them, they make excellent repairmen as they dont need oxygen and therefor have nothing to fear from breaches or venting.
A special augment called the Ghost Duplicator allows the player to clone their ghost crew if they have any at an empty beacon. This augment comes equipped on The Necromancer (Ghost Cruiser).
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