The mod's logo, created by KingdomKrafters.

FTL: Project Coalition is an overhaul founded by Stormbringer and KingdomKrafters in 2016. It aims to develop the lore of the FTL universe, add new events and factions, and completely replace all player ships. But above all? It tells the story of what happened to everyone after the war was won by the Federation.

Conception and members.

The mod was initially founded in June of 2016 by Stormbringer, an FTL modder from Australia who had been playing FTL since 2014 and modding since very early in that year.

He convinced KingdomKrafters, who at the time had developed a custom weapons pack for FTL, to join after a few weeks of deliberating and waiting. KingdomKrafters recruited fellow modders Please Don't Touch Me and Arfy into the mod project, and since then, the team has grown even further, with additions of mr_easy_money, Jack_the_k1ller, Biohazard063, Mr Saturn, BFrizzfoShizzle, Askillz, Why Me, MessengerPigeon, AgentTheKat, ThePersonFromSteam, Unsociable, Railiem, HydraSerenity, KidInBox, Jaxx, the DX, Timewarper, TeamExAngus and SomeFederationPerson .  

Aims of the Mod project

The mod aims to create a total conversion of FTL, adding new ships and diversifying existing factions. originally the mod was slated to be a prequel but eventually developed into a sequel instead of a prequel. The mod aims to add new types of weapons and diversify currently existing weapons, as well as making the game slightly harder.

Plot Summary

The mod takes place approximately 15 years after the fall of the Rebel flagship at the Last Stand, and follows you, the captain of a Federation ship, escaping from the Coalition, which is vastly superior to you or at least equal. The Coalition is a faction which was formed of the Crystal, Mantis, Slugs and Rock. In those 15 years much change has happened to the galaxy. The once-great Federation is decaying and is a shadow of what it used to be, and desperately trying to reclaim its old territories. The Zoltan have become more expansionist and are trying to expand their influence beyond their borders, and are engaged in a cold war with the Federation and are starting proxy wars against them. Pirates have begun to organise into clans and syndicates. Pre-war corporations have fallen due to the massive economic upheavals caused by the Rebel Fleet's aggressive campaign against the Federation, and new ones have taken their place. Powerful Corporations such as Prometheus Mining have taken over some sectors entirely, creating corporatocracies and often not regarding any basic ethical rules. In these sectors the middle and upper class are relatively well-off, but the lower classes suffer.  The Rebellion is scattered to the winds, but maintains a strong presence in some sectors. The Mantis have been split down two lines, the Hive Mantis, loyal to the Queens and the Coalition, and the Free Mantis, who are allied with the Federation and engaged in a war against the hive mantis.

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