"If it ain't broke, there's still at least a hundred ways to make it better"

Arcadia Research and Development specializes in cybernetics and drone related technologies. They remain completely neutral with the Federation unlike the other 2 corporations, despite being very powerful.


Arcadia was the very first of the 3 main corporations in the galaxy. Their CEO, Grant Folly, was born of an Engi mother, a very rare occurrence due to the nature of the Engi race. Grant made several revolutions in drone technology, including his ground breaking work on creating the Ion Boarding Drone. He quickly became rich off of his creations, and decided to create Arcadia. During the Federation Civil War Grant used his newly founded company to create agricultural tech which would benefit civilians affected by the war. Arcadia took off from their, and Grant managed to get into contact the the leader of the Engi Technocracy. Grant was well received by the Engi, and the numbers of Engi employees at Arcadia grew rapidly. Grant never considered going into mass production until the rise of both Hephaestus and Zulfiqar, both of which were large competitors. Arcadia is still just as powerful as it was before the war, but now must deal with the impending threat of a genocide against humanity.


Arcadia is responsible for some of the most well known drone tech in the galaxy, many of which is widely used by both military vessels and civilians.

Most well known tech include:

  • Ion Boarding Drone
  • Anti-Combat Defense Drones
  • Hull Repair Drones
  • Breach Drone
  • Bomb Deployment Drone
  • Ion Disruptor Drone
  • Pulse Minesweeper
  • Flare Deployment Drone
  • Breach Ion Tech
  • Cloaked Missile Drone
  • Neural Disruptor Drone
  • Drone Fabricator
  • Drone Repair Module


Arcadia shares similar ship designs as the other 3 corporations, however their ships are painted bright white with lime green lines. Arcadia ships typically have less hull strength than Zulfiqar, but more than Hephaestus. They tend to use hacking and drone tech and are armed with standard weapons. 

Because of Arcadia's specialty in drone technology, they also produce automated scouts designed after the Rebellion's own. These automated scouts protect their territory.

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