The Aegis Offensive was an offensive of the Federation Civil War. The Rebel offensive only encountered isolated and scattered resistance, and resulted in the Rebels capturing a third of Federation territory.


On 31 May 2694, Aegis and Terest began their attack on the Federation, and Terest achieved a devastating opening victory in the Battle of New Hampshire. Aegis, who had expected to link up with Terest near New Earth, understood Terest's decision to keep the attack secret. Since he didn't have the strength to take New Earth, Aegis instead began planning his own offensive to compliment the victory in New Hampshire.

The Offensive

The Aegis offensive was launched on 3 June 2694. The Rebel Fleet quickly swept from planet to planet, facing only slight resistance, while encountering a large number of Human Supremacist captains who happily defected to the Rebellion. By the end of June, A third of Federation territory had fallen in the hands of the Rebels.


Most of the objectives of the offensive were attained: The Rebel Fleet had been bolstered by defectors, Aegis had linked up with Terest, The Rebellion maintained the initiative and Rebel morale was boosted by the success. The success of the offensive led to the Siege of New Earth.

However, The offensive failed to force the Federation into capitulation. The Federation Civil War would go on for six more years, and would ultimately end in a Rebel defeat.

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